Sunway Medical Centre recently completed a project to install water dispensers throughout the hospital. The goal of this project was to improve the overall patient experience by providing convenient access to clean, refreshing drinking water. The hospital used Aqua Kent water purifiers, which utilize a combination of reverse osmosis and UV sterilization to purify the water.

The process of installing the water dispensers was relatively straightforward. First, the hospital identified the areas where the dispensers would be most needed, such as near waiting rooms and patient rooms. Next, the hospital worked with a contractor to determine the best type of water dispensers to install. After considering various factors such as cost, energy efficiency, and durability, the hospital ultimately decided to go with Aqua Kent water purifiers, a brand of water dispensers that had a good track record and that offered a variety of features such as adjustable temperature settings and touchless dispensing.

Once the water dispensers were selected, the hospital's maintenance team worked with the contractor to install them. This process involved running water lines to the locations where the dispensers would be placed and connecting the dispensers to the lines. The hospital also installed filters to ensure that the water being dispensed was clean and free of contaminants.

Overall, the installation of the Aqua Kent water purifiers at Sunway Medical Centre has been a success. Patients and staff have reported that they appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly and easily access clean drinking water throughout the hospital. The hospital is planning to install additional water dispensers in the future to further improve the patient experience. Additionally, the water dispensers have helped to reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles, which is beneficial for the environment. By providing a more sustainable option for hydration, the hospital is contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and promoting more eco-friendly practices.

Overall, the installation of the Aqua Kent water purifiers at Sunway Medical Centre has been a positive project that has had a tangible impact on the patient experience and the hospital's sustainability efforts. It is an example of the importance of considering the needs and preferences of patients and staff, and finding ways to improve their experience while also being mindful of the impact on the environment.