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Hearty opinion on Aqua Kent Uf Membrane 

Outdoor Fully Stainless Steel Water Filter - AQ1000

When stepping into the realm of adulthood, never have I ever thought how important it is to consume water that is only high quality but also beneficial to health. Because let’s be real! Who has never tried or drank water from a tap in their childhood, right? Although a post on a website said that The National Water Service Commission (SPAN) has confirmed Malaysia’s water supply is free from E.coli bacteria and safe for direct consumption, as a consumer, I’m still not confident in drinking directly for tap water.

And that’s how I started my journey in surveying the best water treatment technology in Malaysia to invest in the longevity of health. It was until I came upon these kclau articles that made me decide to invest in Aqua Kent’s products because of a few notable reasons.

Aqua Kent RO Malaysia

Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is a dedicated healthcare product company that provides a high-quality product range in Malaysia. On a plane with other big brands, they are also evolved into the market leader by providing clean purified water for a healthier world.


As a market leader in the water purification industry, all of their products have adhered to both local and international standards, thus they are always proud of the quality of the products without a doubt. Some of the certifications are WQA (Gold Seal), NSF Certification, ROHS Compliant, TUV SUD and many more.

With these certificates received by renowned laboratories around the world, I feel confident in using their product to consume healthy and safe water.


Aqua Kent has provide a wide range of products which are:

  1. Water Purifiers

  2. Water Dispensers

  3. Air Purifiers

  4. Outdoor Water Filtration System

  5. Fully Stainless Steel Water Coolers

  6. Commercial Water System

  7. Alkaline RO Water Purifiers

  8. Under Counter Kitchen Sink Water Filter Systems

  9. Kent Smart Chef Home Appliances

  10. Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers

  11. Filters, Parts and Accessories




Model: AQ1000

Weight: 7KG

Dimension: 40.5” x 4.5”

Flow rate: 4000L / H

Material: Stainless Steel 

Flushing/Cleaning Valve: Auto & Manual

Membrane: Polyacrylonitrile (Pan): Good Mechanical Strength Pressure Resistance

Type of Filtration Media: Hollow Fibre UF Membrane 0.01 µm

  • This is said to be the best-seller outdoor water filter by Aqua Kent when I am surveying the product. They have other outdoor water filters such as outdoor water filters (using a sand filter), fully stainless steel outdoor water filters and many more if you like to check it out.

  • It is built with stainless steel shell with a thickness of about 1.5mm, therefore, showing that it is durable and a long-lasting product to begin with.

  • By using a hollow fibre UF membrane 0.01 µm as the filtration media, it helps removes the capability of Bacteria, Viruses, Colloids and Slit and produced high-quality pure drinking water.

  • Other than drinking, it is also multi-functional as it can be used for laundry, bathing, cooking, and cleaning at any place such as a house, restaurant, cafe, and much more.

Optional Galcon Auto Timer: Battery Operated: 9V, Digital Function, Max. 4x AutoCleaning Option, 7days Selection Cleaning Option, Cleaning Duration Option

  • Aqua also provided an optional auto timer which is designed to save water, time and money during the water filtration process. 

  • It has a six-button-easy-to-use programming system that helps us to set each day individually or program the week as a whole.

  • Since it is automatic and electric-saving, thus I must say that it is suitable for residential use.

The price starts as low as RM320 if you search around the online shop but with Aqua Kent, you only have to pay RM250.00.


  • Both uf membrane outdoor water filter and outdoor water filter (using a sand filter) deliver great water quality for the customers. But, as I see it, this AQ1000 outdoor water filter is more exceptional.

  • This is because about only 5 microns particles are typically removed with traditional sand media filters, meaning that the water is not completely being filtered.

  • Meanwhile, this UF technology can exclude particles as small as 0.01 microns thus making it reliable to drink water using this filtration system.

Here’s an explanation for those wondering: Is filtered water safe for drinking?


  • Contrary to other UF Membrane outdoor water filter that starts as low as RM1900 to RM2000 above, this Aqua Kent outdoor water filter is more economical with the price at RM1100.00 (See here) for the outright price.

  • Compared to products with a monthly payment and rental contract, I loved that I only have to pay the full price for this product without thinking about the commitment to be paid every month.

  • This is because Aqua Kent has the cheapest yet best quality products among other well-known brands.


One of the best things about purchasing this Aqua Kent product is its outstanding after-sales services. Here are some of the services provided by Aqua Kent for the UF Membrane Outdoor Water Filter:

  1. Free Standard Installations at Selected areas only (Chat with them for more info)

  2. 10 years of warranty on Vessel

  3. No regular dismantling and servicing is needed (Only need to do backwash)


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