Which water filter brand to choose from - Top 10 in Malaysia

Throughout surveying various water filter products, you’ve found that throughout the process, there’s one big piece that is confusing: What’s the difference between all these water filtration brands and which one will fit my criteria?

Before you insist to keep on drinking from tap water, watch this to know about the disadvantage of drinking from tap water:


How do I know when I should opt for a water filter product?

If your tap water has a smell of stagnant water, rusty pipes, sand, and moss, you DEFINITELY should consider investing in water filters for your household, offices, school or even factories. After all, water is one of the important parts of our survival in life. As mentioned by the Malaysian health minister Khairy Jamaluddin, “Drinking water is a basic human right.” So, why not spend on a long-life water filter product for lifetime health?

Now, analyse our articles regarding the Top 10 water filters in Malaysia then make your judgement on which water filter brand you think is the best. 

Let’s kick off the comparison!

Aqua Kent Coral Table Top Hot Cold Normal Water Purifier


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 310(W) x 360(D) x 520(H)

  • Net Weight: 15KG

  • Water type: Hot & cold water

  • Water tank capacity: Hot (1.2 litres) & Cold (4 litres)

  • Material: Antibacterial SUS-304 Stainless Steel

  • Power plug type: Malaysia 3 pin plug

System: 5 Stages Filtration

STAGE – 1    Sediment,5-micron, 11” U Type

STAGE – 2    Pre-Carbon Filter, 11” U Type

STAGE – 3    UF Membrane 0.1 micron 11” U Type

STAGE – 4    Post-Carbon Filter, 11” U Type

STAGE – 5    Alkaline  - Optional

Price: RM1,600.00


Aqua Kent brand is one of the famous water purifier brands in Malaysia that serves one of the highest quality products and satisfaction for the user with its widest range.This made in Korea product is a good product to start within this list because you might not believe your eyes reading all the features that comes with an affordable price tag with its high-quality. Facts because Aqua Kent is always well-known for their real bargain & high-quality product and maybe that’s why many people go for the Kent brand as it had an advanced cleaning system at a good price, as mentioned on this website.

Did you know? This water purifier comes with cold and hot water functions with SS304 material stainless steel which is contaminant-resistant.

With its 5-stage filtration system, Aqua Kent is confident in providing healthy and pure water for customers without any compromise. This water filter also has direct piping connected directly to your house by its feed adaptor or diverter valve fixed to the sink faucet via their advanced UF system for auto-fill hot and cold water when required.

Aqua Kent also provides extra features such as an external faucet (for pure normal temperature water at the sink), stainless steel internal piping leakproof, large capacity dispenser, easy maintenance panel and most importantly, the essential child lock’s feature on the product to avoid accidents happening towards children when using the hot water.

Special note: This brand is certified with the highest level of certificates such as WQA Gold Seal, NSF Certification, ROHS Compliant, CE certification and many more thus proving that Aqua Kent provides the best water filter in Malaysia that adhere to local but also international standards which elevate their brand name in the industry.

Cuckoo King Top


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 220(W) x 492(D) x 490(H)

  • Net Weight: 13.6KG

  • Water type: Cold & Hot water

  • Water tank capacity: Cold (1.0 litres) & Hot (1.0 litres)

  • Material: Antibacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank

System: Nano Positive Filtration 

  • Removing dangerous heavy metals in water such as lead, cadmium and arsenic while good minerals are preserved

  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

  • Uses electrostatic force to absorb microparticles, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.

Price: RM2999.00 


With their tagline, “Beyond Drinking Water”, Cuckoo has produced around 12 water filters and one of the most memorable is Cuckoo’s King Topwater purifier. It is the first mild alkaline water purifier that features 7 temperature settings from room too cold temperature. 

With its essential child lock feature and slim yet stylish design, no wonder their customers left good reviews on their representative website, showing satisfaction with the product.

Snaptec Aurra Pro 2


  • Product’s Dimension (cm): 56(L) x 21(W) x 51(H)

  • Net Weight: 11KG

  • Water type: Room, warm & boil water

  • Water tank capacity: Cold (1.0 litres) & Hot (1.0 litres)

  • Material: Tankless Hot Water

System: 4-stage Purification System

  1. Sediment filter: removes sediment, dirt, rust and large impurities.

  2. Activated carbon filter: Remove chlorine, unwanted chemicals, and foul odour while improving taste.

  3. Nano positive filter: Removes bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals 

  4. Mineralizer: Add Trace Amounts of Beneficial Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium).

Price: RM1980.00


Snaptec is another water filter brand that is certified by the NSF for its filters, tubing and connectors used in the Aurra Water Purifiers proving that their brand is also on par with other big brands in the water purification industry. 

Along with their mission to constantly disrupt existing technologies through innovative product development in the water purification industry, they have produced three water filters with almost similar model names and one of them is Snaptec Aurra Plus which is their best-seller product yet. 

Although it is said to be the slimmest water purifier on the market, it’s simple and convenient; it might be everything that you need in a water purifier as it provides a lot of special features in their product such as the Automatic Heating Sensor and Capacitive Touch Panel.

Panasonic TK-AS45-ZMA


  • Product’s Dimension (cm):  17 (W) x 10.1 (D) x 29.1 (H)

  • Net Weight: 3.50KG

  • Water type: Acidic Water/ Purified Water/ Alkaline Level 1, Alkaline Level 2, Alkaline Level 3

  • Water tank capacity: 2.0 litres

System: 4-stage Purification System

  • Eliminates Harmful Substances: JIS 13 + JWPA 4 Substances, and 99.999% of Bacteria

Price: RM 2,299.00


Panasonic’s water purifier is different from others as they promote more alkaline water but still performs as a water purifier product for customers. 

The features might attract you as they provide a continuation mode button as a purpose to save water for the convenience of a customer. The control panel as shown in the picture also shows how easy it is to operate it to get the desired types of water with just a press of a button. 

Another attractive feature of this product is the user-friendly water switching lever that enables customers to choose between purified water, unpurified water and unpurified shower water. 

Alkaline ionisers generate these 5 types of ionised water with four different pH values and purified water for various uses. It’s sure a great 5 in 1 deal for a healthy lifestyle!

ChungHo Water Purifier Compact 450


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 255 (W) x 500 (D) x 500 (H)

  • Net Weight: 15.4KG

  • Water type: Hot, cold, ambient

  • Water tank capacity: Hot (0.57 Litre), Cold (2.8 Litre), Ambient (2.6 Litre)

System: 4-steps nanofiltration system

  • uses low pressure to reduce the formation of biofilm or yellow stains.

  • eliminate 100% bacteria and viruses 

  • and eliminate brackish water problems

Price: RM3400.00


Chungho is well-known for their innovation of water purifying coffee makers and making their standards in water purifiers and coffee markets, but no doubt their water purifier is quite good for their price too!

Chungho has built its own user-friendly and compact water filter that is easy for customers to place in the kitchen. The safe design by pressing the manual lever and dial for the hot water purifier is convenient for customers to avoid any bad incidents happening to the customers.

Tankless LG PuriCare™ Water Purifier with 3-stage filtration


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 170 (W) x 399 (H) x 520 (D)

  • Net Weight: 

  • Water type: Hot, cold, ambient

System: 3-Stage Filtration System

Stage 1 – Pre Carbon Block Plus Filter 

  • Removal of chlorine and particularly heavy metals.

Stage 2 – UF Membrane Filter

  • Removal of various germs and fine particles.

Stage 3 – Post Carbon Filter

  • Removal of odour inducing substances such as green tide, and decay.

Price: RM3,920.00


As home to innovative digital products, LG also joined in the game to provide their best water filter to their loyal customer and with no doubt, LG did provide an innovative water filter as par as other brands.

To give fresh water for their customers to drink, their water filter does stand out as a convenient product with its high-technology features. For example, the Up & down auto moving tap and left & right moving tap help the customers to use it conveniently and safely. 

As a saying goes, everything is at your fingertips, same with this water filter as they created a one-touch display to get water instantly so you don’t have to wait anymore for the water to boil or chill separately.

Coway OMBAK CHP-7310R


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 340 (W) x 523 (D) x 518 mm (H)

  • Net Weight: 21.9KG

  • Water type: Ambient, hot and cold water

  • Water tank capacity: 7.8 litres (Ambient), 2.3 litres (Cold), 3.4 litres (Hot)

System: 6 Steps Filtration System

Price: RM 4,300.00


Coway is always proud and confident with their product including the Coway OMBAK CHP-7310R water filter. As claimed by the brand, which is to accommodate the unique need of Malaysian households, they provide features that are beneficial for their costumer’s health such as providing pure water with essential minerals (mineral filter is optional with additional charge), providing a one-touch button for costumes to choose their preferred water volume and silent mode option to suit the customer’s preference.

Completing their product’s features with Child Safety Lock and Power Saving System, we can say that they did make life easier for their customers.

SK Magic Jiksoo Hyper WPU-A700D


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 170 (W) x 490 (D) x 390 (H)

  • Net Weight: 12.3KG

  • Water type: Ambient, hot & cold water

  • Water tank capacity: No tank

  • Material: Fully stainless steel

System: 3 Stage Filtration 

Price: RM 4,600.00


SK Magic is another water filter product that originates from Korea and has become well-known in Malaysia due to its good quality. With its reasonable price of RM4600 and its features that guarantee safety and hygiene, we can see why people invest in this water filter brand.

SK Magic is very proud of its water purifier being child-friendly because of its child lock button and hyper infant feature that come with 3 temperature hot water. The brand providing lukewarm water for infants/babies is an innovative move to help the kids drink healthy and safe water. 

The best part of this product is the introduction of an automatic UV water tap sterilisation that sterilises every 2 hours to eliminate 99% of harmful microbes in safe water. In a nutshell, their customers won’t have to worry about their water being exposed to contaminants because of its high-quality technology. 

Cuckoo’s Prince Top


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 170 (W) x 468 (D) x 408 (H)

  • Net Weight: 10.5KG

  • Water type: Hot & cold water

System: 7-Stage Filtration System

Price: RM4800.00


These rose gold water purifiers sure attract customers as it looks elegant and sophisticated. However, it’s not only the colour that has become the attraction point of this product because this product offers more than attractive features.

Being the slimmest water purifier for Cuckoo yet, this product also offered customers Smart Temperature Settings for the convenience of the customer. It also came with a Voice Navigation in Malay, English and Mandarin languages! Very 21st century!

It also has low power consumption due to Cuckoo heat sensor technology, so people who love to drink hot water, can just switch on the hot water for 24 hours without worrying about the possibility of a high electricity bill. 

Aqua Kent Jade Tankless Instant Water Purifier Hot Cold Ambient Water


  • Product’s Dimension (mm): 180 (W) x 520 (D) x 445 (H)

  • Net Weight: 12.50KG

  • Water type: Hot, cold & ambient water

  • Effective water quantity: 1600 litres

System: 4 Filtration UF System

Price: RM3,200.00


Aqua Kent Jade water purifier is among one the water purifier products by Aqua Kent. With convenient features of the control board on top of the water purifier, it helps customers to easily operate it.

The product comes with a necessity button such as a Child Lock button, a Normal, Hot and Cold Water button and even a button for Sterilizations. The Child Button for Aqua Kent water purifier DOES NOT discharge hot water, so parents don’t have to be worried if their child mistakenly pushes the button.


Final Decision

In sum, all in all, products here have their own specialty with the similar goals of providing the best healthcare and satisfaction of good quality water to their customer. Now, it’s all up to the customers to make decisions and invest for their lifetime health.