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KENT , the market leader in water purification in Malaysia , utilizes its patented multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control with NSF &WQA CERTIFICATIONS to remove dissolved impurities, bacteria & viruses to render pure & natural mineral rich water.Our Patented Mineral RO Tecnology retains essential Minerals in purified water using the TDS Controller providing the best safe tasting water.

No better way than saying: “KENT Gives You The Purest Water”



KENT offers a variety of UV Water Purifiers which are easy to use and disinfect water without altering its taste and odour. KENT UV Water Purifiers are equipped with a high power UV lamp which can disinfect the water and make it free from deadly bacteria, viruses and cysts, thereby giving you and your family pure drinking water.



KENT Gravity Water Purifiers come with the finest UF Membrane which does not allow bacteria & cyst to pass through it, thereby making water pure, without the use of any chemicals. Gravity purification is the most effective way to purify drinking water without using electricity and any chemical additives. KENT Gravity Purifiers ensures that you and your family get pure drinking water.


Our products have received the highest quality certifications by world's best laboratories like:


NSF - Quality Certification WQA - Quality Certification

Awards & Recognitions

Most Valuable Brands AwardReader's Digest Trusted Brand Award Golden Peacock Award For Eco-InnovationAsia's Most Promising Brands

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KENT Water Purifiers Range

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Kuala Lumpur , Selangor , Penang , Ipoh , Johor , Singapore & Many More Areas.


Dimensions (W x D x H)29.5cm x 48cm x 52cmNet Weight15kg304 Stainless Steel Tank CapacityCold: 3L | Hot: 2.5L | Normal: UnlimitedPower ConsumptionCold: 90W | Heater: 420WAC 220~240V / 50~60HzInstallation LocationIndoor Household / Office / Warehouse(Designed for tap water)CompressorFast Cooling Comp..
Pure Filtered water from the Tap.Dual Tap System: Hot and Normal room temperature Purified Water from the comfort of your home or workplace.Hot and Normal Water:Dual tap system for dispensing hot and room temperature purified water.Direct Pipe-in System:Convenient direct piped-in auto-refill for co..
RM599.00 RM700.00
The perfect symphony of elegance and purity. Coral is a stylish water purifier that combines multiple technologies to give you purity without any compromise.Specifications Model AQUA KENT CORAL (  UF System ) COLORS..
RM1,600.00 RM1,980.00
- High Capacity performance-boosted Reverse Osmosis water filtration system for safer, healthier water.  - This under sink mounted water filter removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos, calcium, so..
RM1,454.00 RM2,450.00
Aqua Kent Jade Tankless Instant Water Purifier Hot Cold Ambient Water Slim UV Tankless Series Aqua Kent Jade Tankless Instant Water Purifier Hot Cold Ambient Water Slim UV Tankless Series
In Stock
Tankless Instant Hot & Cold Water Aqua Kent Jade water purifier provides pure drinking water direct water filtration without water tank. One touch to get hot, cold and ambient water instantly. Hot Selling Model In Korea , Singapore & Malaysia.Slim+UV Tankless Series  ..
RM2,800.00 RM4,560.00
Malaysia's Slimmest Natural Antioxidant Tankless Water Dispenser .1st Motorless and Instant Tankless Water Purifier Hot / Cold / Warm model that is ideal for homes and offices.       Model   &n..
RM2,880.00 RM3,869.00
WHAT IS IT?ION 7200 TabletopDIGITAL TOUCH CONTROL PANEL The elegant multi-color soft-touch control panel is mounted on the front panel of the unit. One-touch operation for alkaline, acid, or just purified water with adjustable audio tones for each touch. Voice prompts and digital display confir..
WHAT IS IT?Kent Grand+ Reverse Osmosis is the world’s most technologically advanced domestic Reverse Osmosis water purifier. Ensuring no wastage of water, high quality, Food Grade Plastic Water Filter ensures durability and purification in the cleanliness of your water. Suited for personal ..
RM1,280.00 RM1,354.00
WHAT IS IT?Serving as Malaysia's only detachable storage tank UV water purifier, it's hollow fibre UF membrane and design enables wall mounting. It is best suited for tap/municipal water supply and domestic purposesFEATURESRemoval Capabilities: Up to 99.95% waterborne cysts - Cr..
RM699.00 RM799.00
KENT Superb Digital Display Touch Screen  Water Filter And Purifier by RO + UV + UF With Minerals KENT Superb Digital Display Touch Screen  Water Filter And Purifier by RO + UV + UF With Minerals
Out Of Stock
KENT SuperbA smart RO water purifier KENT's Mineral RO TM Technology and real-time monitoring of purity, performance and service history. Best suited for homes and offices and suitable for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply.Mineral RO TM TechnologyKENT'..
RM1,500.00 RM1,880.00
Kent Supreme Copper Water Purifier with RO + UV + UF + UV in tank with Goodness of Copper
2-3 Days
WHAT IS IT?KENT brings to you its most advanced, all new KENT Supreme Copper RO+UV+UF+Copper+TDS Control Water Purifier with goodness of Copper. Aesthetically designed as wall mountable, this purifier comes equipped with Mineral ROTM Technology that retains essential natural minerals in the purified..
WHAT IS IT?An under sink water filter and purifier enhanced with an inbuilt TDS Controller. Highlights·      Fits under the sink or under the counter.·      Saves kitchen counter space.·      Sep..
RM1,350.00 RM1,554.00
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