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Waste Water Treatment & Filtration Media

Welcome to Aqua Kent, Malaysia's premier supplier of advanced wastewater and sewage treatment products. Our extensive range includes top-grade bio balls, alkalinity stones, activated carbon, and more, tailored for efficient water purification.

We specialize in providing reliable solutions for both industrial and municipal applications, from sophisticated filtration media to essential water treatment components. Our products are designed to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring optimal performance in water softening, pollutant reduction, and system longevity.

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Some of Our Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Media Products

Product Name
Bio Ball White Pill
Ideal for enhancing microbial growth in wastewater treatment, these bio balls ensure efficient breakdown of organic matter in sewage systems.
Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Systems
Diameter: 1.5”, Material: Non-toxic Plastic
Improves biological filtration, supports system efficiency, easy maintenance
Alkalinity Stone
Used to regulate pH in wastewater, these stones add essential minerals, aiding in maintaining balanced water chemistry in treatment plants.
Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Effluent Systems
Natural Mineral Composition, Varied Sizes
Balances pH levels, aids in treatment effectiveness, long-lasting
Activated Carbon
This versatile filtration media is perfect for adsorbing pollutants in wastewater treatment and controlling odors in sewage processing.
Sewage Treatment, Industrial Wastewater Purification
Coconut or Coal-based, Pellet or Granular Form
Efficient contaminant removal, adaptable to various systems, eco-friendly options
Softened Water Media
Specially designed to soften hard water in treatment plants, removing calcium and magnesium ions, crucial for industrial wastewater management.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Water Softening Systems
Granular Form, Customizable Sizes
Reduces scale buildup, enhances water quality, improves system longevity
ORP Reduction Chips
These chips effectively reduce the Oxidation-Reduction Potential in wastewater, crucial for improving the treatment process and water quality.
Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Treatment Systems
Varied Chip Sizes, Anti-oxidative Material
Enhances treatment efficiency, improves water clarity, supports aquatic life
Zeolite Plus (0.5mm)
A natural choice for ammonia and toxin removal in wastewater, Zeolite Plus is essential for water clarity and safety in sewage treatment.
Sewage Treatment, Industrial Wastewater Management
0.5mm Size, Natural Zeolite Material
Natural filtration, effective in ammonia removal, improves water clarity
Anthracite (AN)
High-grade anthracite is used for its excellent filtration qualities, particularly in removing solids and clarifying water in treatment processes.
Wastewater Filtration Plants, Industrial ApplicationsNatural Anthracite, Varied Grain Sizes
Natural Anthracite, Varied Grain SizesHigh purity, superior filtration properties, long-lasting
Fine Sand
Primarily used in filtration systems, fine sand traps particulates effectively, a vital component in both wastewater and sewage treatment.
Wastewater Filtration, Sewage Treatment Systems
0.45mm - 2.4mm Grain Size
Efficient in particulate trapping, versatile application, natural composition
Silica Sand (Ex. Bangkok)
Sourced for its purity, this silica sand is instrumental in water filtration systems and is used extensively in wastewater treatment plants.
Wastewater Filtration, Industrial Applications
Mesh: 3 - 5mm to 16 x 20
High silica content, consistent grain size, durable
Manganese Green Sand
Effective for reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in water, crucial for improving water quality in municipal water treatment systems.
Potable Water Treatment, Iron Removal Systems
Iron & Manganese Removal Media, Mesh: 8 x 30
Efficient metal removal, enhances water taste and odor, effective across various pH levels
Garnet Media
Utilized in multi-media filtration systems for its density and hardness, garnet ensures efficient filtration and easy backwashing in treatment.
Multi-media Filtration, Industrial Wastewater Treatment
25 kg/bag, Mesh: 20 x 40
High specific gravity, promotes effective backwashing, long-lasting

Comprehensive Filter Media for Water Purification & Treatment Systems 

Product Name
Antiscalant Ball
Designed to prevent scaling and reduce water hardness, these balls also form a protective layer to minimize metal tube corrosion.
Water Softening, Scale Prevention Systems
Phosphate-based, Scale inhibiting
Protects equipment, minimizes corrosion, improves system longevity
Far-Infrared Ray Ball
Emitting far-infrared rays, these balls promote a healthy water molecule structure, which aids in removing odors and inhibiting bacteria growth.
Health and Wellness Products, Water Purification
Ceramic Material, Far-Infrared Emitting
Enhances water quality, supports health, anti-bacterial properties
Activated Carbon
Highly effective at removing chlorine, unpleasant odors, spores, and pesticides, making it essential for purifying drinking and industrial water.
Water Filtration, Drinking Water Systems
Coconut or Coal-based, Granular or Pellet Form
Removes impurities, improves taste and odor, eco-friendly
Germanium Ball
Infused with germanium, these balls mineralize water and offer antibacterial benefits, essential for clean water systems.
Mineralization, Water Treatment Systems
Contains Germanium, Mineral Infusing
Adds essential minerals, anti-bacterial, promotes health
Ion Exchange Resin
Widely used in industrial water treatment for softening, separation, extraction, and precious metal recovery processes.
Industrial Water Treatment, Metal Recovery
Various Ionic Forms Available
Softens water, recovers valuable metals, versatile in application
Maifan Stone Mineral Ball
Maifan stone balls enhance water mineralization and have antibacterial properties, making them suitable for health-oriented water filtration.
Health Water Systems, Filtration Devices
Maifan Stone, Mineral Releasing
Adds beneficial minerals, antibacterial, improves water quality
Energy Ball
Infused with energy-enhancing elements, these balls activate water and have antibacterial properties to maintain water vitality and purity.
Health Supplements, Water Activation Systems
Activation Properties, Antibacterial
Energizes water, anti-bacterial, supports health and wellness
Weak Alkaline Ion Ball
These balls create a weak alkaline environment in water, helping to neutralize body acidity and support anti-bacterial functions.
Alkaline Water Systems, Health Products
Alkaline Properties, Antibacterial
Neutralizes acidity, supports bodily health, anti-bacterial
KDF media excels at chlorine and heavy metal removal from hot water, preventing growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.
Hot Water Systems, Industrial Filtration
High-temperature Tolerance, Heavy Metal Removal
Filters hot water, removes contaminants, inhibits microbial growth
Activated Carbon Fiber
With high absorption to organic and inorganic substances, this material is resistant to acids and alkalis, offering chemical stability.
Water and Air Filtration Systems
Carbon Fiber, Acid and Alkali Resistant
High chemical stability, diverse filtration applications, organic and inorganic contaminant removal
Liquid Calcium Ball
These balls remove residual chlorine, adjust water pH, and absorb harmful metal ions, ensuring a clean and safe water supply.
Drinking Water Systems, Water Purifiers
Calcium-Based, Chlorine Removing
Removes chlorine, balances pH, absorbs metals

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