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At Aqua Kent RO, we take pride in delivering comprehensive water treatment solutions in Malaysia. Our commitment to quality and innovation allows us to provide exceptional products and services, ensuring clean and safe water for you and your community.

Our Filtration Media

Our filtration media are designed to remove impurities and contaminants, providing clean and safe water for various applications. Our product range includes:

Activated Carbon Granular

Activated Carbon Powder

Anthracite Filter Media

Pellets Activated Carbon

MNO2 Iron Removal Filter Media

Filter Quartz Silica Sand

Filter Pebbles Gravels Media

MBBR Fab Media

Garnet Sand

Water Treatment Plants Unit

We offer a wide array of water treatment plants to cater to your specific needs, ensuring efficient and sustainable water management. Our offerings include:

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

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