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WHAT IS IT?Kent Grand+ Reverse Osmosis is the world’s most technologically advanced domestic Reverse Osmosis water purifier. Ensuring no wastage of water, high quality, Food Grade Plastic Water Filter ensures durability and purification in the cleanliness of your water. Suited for personal ..
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WHAT IS IT?Serving as Malaysia's only detachable storage tank UV water purifier, it's hollow fibre UF membrane and design enables wall mounting. It is best suited for tap/municipal water supply and domestic purposesFEATURESRemoval Capabilities: Up to 99.95% waterborne cysts - Cr..
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Retains More Nutrients And FibresIn conventional juicers, the nutrients and fibres get oxidised due to the heat generated as a result of high speed spinning. On the other hand, KENT Cold Pressed Juicer does not produce much heat as generated by the conventional juicers, thus keeping the nutrient..
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HighlightsSmart design- the compact water purifier is ideal for under-the-counter installation. The water purifier is also suitable for side-by-side placement adjacent to the refrigerators for efficient space utilization Mineral ro technology- patented mineral rotm technology retains essent..
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KENT Superb Digital Display Touch Screen  Water Filter And Purifier by RO + UV + UF With Minerals KENT Superb Digital Display Touch Screen  Water Filter And Purifier by RO + UV + UF With Minerals
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KENT SuperbA smart RO water purifier KENT's Mineral RO TM Technology and real-time monitoring of purity, performance and service history. Best suited for homes and offices and suitable for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply.Mineral RO TM TechnologyKENT'..
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Kent Supreme Copper Water Purifier with RO + UV + UF + UV in tank with Goodness of Copper
2-3 Days
WHAT IS IT?KENT brings to you its most advanced, all new KENT Supreme Copper RO+UV+UF+Copper+TDS Control Water Purifier with goodness of Copper. Aesthetically designed as wall mountable, this purifier comes equipped with Mineral ROTM Technology that retains essential natural minerals in the purified..
SEGOO Rotopus M2 Home Cleaning Robot (Black) Interchangeable rolling brush work on various types of floors and carpetsIncluded separate water tank with vibrating mop to effectively floorsAdvanced navigation using LDS+SLAM for precise mappingCleaning modes Auto cleaning, ..
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WHAT IS IT?A compactibly built air purifier installed with HEPA Technology from Japan releases clean and purified air into the atmosphere around you. Suitable for use in a small, or big room. FEATURESHEPA (HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE ARRESTOR) DUST COLLECTION TECHNOLOGY FROM ..
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WHAT IS IT?An under sink water filter and purifier enhanced with an inbuilt TDS Controller. Highlights·      Fits under the sink or under the counter.·      Saves kitchen counter space.·      Sep..
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High Capacity performance-boosted Reverse Osmosis water filtration system for safer, healthier water. This under sink mounted water filter removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, hormones, asbestos..
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Kent Superb Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – RO Mineralizing Purifier – Mineral, pH +, Antioxidant Kent Superb Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – RO Mineralizing Purifier – Mineral, pH +, Antioxidant
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High Energy - Quick Recovery Water More Oxygen for More Energy Essential Minerals pH Positive Balanced Water Great Source of Antioxidants KENT Superb Alkaline RO LED DisplayA smart Alkaline RO water purifier KENT's RO Trade Mark Technology and real-time monitoring of purit..
RM1,650.00 RM1,880.00
WHAT IS IT?Kent Ultra is an easy to afford online UV water purifier. It has an elegant wall mountable design, fit for any kitchen. It saves expensive counter space and provides convenience while drawing water.HIGHLIGHTS 3-Stage Water Purifier​Kent Ultra is based on 3-stage ..
RM550.00 RM650.00
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