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Industrial Water Filters and Commercial Water Systems


Aqua Kent Malaysia offers you custom solutions to virtually any water quality problem or water purification application be it water filters for Restaurants , Laboratories and commercial kitchen water filters.We provide you the best drinking water filter system for any establishments at the most reasonable cost.

Utilizing all water purification technologies and techniques currently available, backed up by the experience and expertise of our seasoned consultants and specialist partners, we have the capability to provide you with a custom solution to your specific water purification requirements.

Require a custom solution to a water purification application?

Developing a custom solution and recommendation is an involved process that requires as much data and detail about your particular water purification / supply requirements and desired application as possible.

We generally require the following information when making an enquiry:

  • Details of supply water source
    o Physical address of source water
    o Municipal, bore-hole, river, dam, rain water, processed water? etc
    o Current water analysis or water sample for analysis from water source if any.
  • Details of desired application
    o Water purification level
    o Desired application (drinking, household, irrigation, industrial etc)
    o Water supply/capacity requirements
    o Specialized requirements 
  • Details of existing infrastructure of site
    o Reservoirs, tanks, pumps, power, buildings, plumbing etc

When making an enquiry please note that this process can take a fair amount of time as your water quality/supply problems are discussed in detail and your end requirements clearly outlined, raw data is analyzed, outside specialists consulted if required, possible options considered and scrutinized, and the end proposal and quotes finalized.

  • Ideal choice for Industrial Water Filter and Commercial Water Filter Treatment Applications.
  • Wide Range Restaurant water filter systems available.
  • Water Purifiers For Restaurants, factories, water treatment systems , health and laboratories.
  • Deionized water system requirements for laboratories
  • We Provide After Sales Service
  • Our Systems are designed for Easy to use , Easy to maintain and Quality assured.
  • Full installation included by our Experienced Engineers.


WHAT IS IT?RO-500GPD Advanced RO Water System - 500GPD RO SystemBeing the most sought after water purifier by commercial entities, it's slim and compact design ensures easy attachment with tanks and water coolers. An Industrial RO Water Purification System suited for;Man..
RM4,650.00 RM5,599.00
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