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Frequently Asked Questions

Malaysia’s water sources are getting more contaminated with impurities, making it unsuitable for drinking.

The primary source of water, river water is contaminated with sewage disposal of municipalities and extreme discharge of factory pollutants. Daily chores like washing, bathing, and garbage disposal also worsen the problem.

Water sourced from the ground is also contaminated. Due to excessive pesticides & insecticides in agriculture, chemicals seep into the ground before washing out into rivers. Decreased groundwater attracts natural contaminants from the Earth that makes water hard. These include Arsenic, Lead, Fluoride and Heavy Metals.

a) Suspended impurities: Mud, dust, sand, bacteria, viruses, cysts etc.

b) Water soluble dissolved impurities:
- Pesticides (commonly found in bore well water)
- Arsenic & Fluoride (found in ground well water)
- Heavy Metals salts like Mercury, Lead, Copper, and Cadmium (from industrial waste)

Dissolved impurities are harmful to our health. Contaminants like Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride etc may causes serious illnesses like cholera, hepatitis A & B, jaundice, typhoid and even cancer. They also ruin the taste of water.

Common methods include Chlorination, Ultra Filtration (UF), Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purification.

  • Boiling only kills bacteria and viruses, but doesn’t remove harmful dissolved impurities.
  • Impurities such as : Arsenic and fluoride. Whereby arsenic is cancerous and must be removed from your water to live a long healthy life.

Water purification should effectively remove harmful dissolved impurities (rust, heavy metals, and arsenic), bacteria and viruses. It should also retain essential natural minerals in drinking water. A good water purifier should function efficiently for years.

KENT’s Mineral RO water is technologically advanced with our Computer Controlled System, patented by KENT’s Mineral ROTM Technology. It combines RO and UV purification processes to give you pure, healthy, and tasty water. It also has a TDS Controller, which retains essential natural minerals in purifier water by adjusting the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) control valve.

KENT’S Mineral ROTM Technology has 3 main advantages over regular RO water purifiers:
Double purification: Removes all impurities in water
Retains essential natural minerals: Regular RO purifiers strip natural minerals hen removing harmful dissolved impurities, making water taste flat. However, KENT water purifiers retain these natural minerals while removing harmful dissolved impurities efficiently.
International certifications: KENT purifiers have the world’s top quality certifications from WQA and NSF of USA.

– RO removes dissolved impurities upto 0.0001microns like arsenic which is cancer causing
– UF removes bacteria and cysts upto 0.01 microns
– UV Kills Bacteria and Viruses using its UV Rays
– RO + UV/UF ensures 100% purifier water at all times while retaining essential Minerals.

– RO removes dissolved impurities
– UF removes bacteria and cysts
– UV removes bacteria and viruses through double purification
– RO + UV/UF ensures 100% purifier water at all times

Controls important functions: Ensures 100% purified water at all times.
Filter Change Alarm: Computer controlled system informs users when to replace the filter.
Fully automatic: Hassle free as users don’t have to manually switch on and off the water purifier.

KENT’s 0% Water Wastage technology is a 1:1 performance. For every 1 liter of purifier water, 1 liter is rejected. Rejected water goes into a storage tank to be used for household purposes.

Unlike basic RO purification processes of a 1:4 ratio, wasting 4 liters every time to produce only 1 liter of purifier water.

Quality Certifications are issued by 3rd parties. They include international water experts that perform strict tests to comply with international standards. Water quality, sturdiness, and effectiveness of products are tested. Certificates are only awarded to water purifiers that pass all rigorous and stringent testing standards.

In the water industry, WQA and NSF USA certificates are given by established laboratories worldwide. Rest assured that these water purifiers pass world standards for water purification.

Along with other numerous credentials, KENT has international certificates from both WQA and NSF USA. Be assured that KENT purifiers deliver 100% purifier water of the highest standards.

In case of problems, our clients are offered good after-sales backup to ensure continuous availability of water in your household.

Over the years, KENT has won Asia’s Most Promising Brand, Most Trusted Water Purifier, Best Domestic Water Purifier Awards just to name a few.

Our accumulation of awards and accolades reflect KENT’s commitment to quality and proves testimonies of ground-breaking technology.