Aqua Kent Jade: the space & electric-saving and virus-free

tankless water dispenser.


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Among other healthcare product companies in Malaysia, Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is well-known for its high-quality and wide selection of innovative technologies including water purifiers, waters dispensers, air purifiers, and vegetable and fruit purifiers. 

With the bestowal of the highest level certificates by renowned laboratories of the world including WQA, NSF International, ROHS Compliant, CE Certification and TUV SUD AMERICA Inc., Aqua Kent has gained the trust of its customer and serve as the benchmark for the water purification industry. 


Aqua Kent is dedicated to serving clean and quality purified water with the production of water purifiers and the utilization of patented multiple purification processes to provide the best safe tasting water to the customer.

Customers have a variety of UV water purifiers + UF Filtration selection to choose from with a feature that is easy to use and gives pure drinking water without altering its taste and odour.

How do UF systems work?

Watch the explanation here What is Ultrafiltration and How Does it Work?



Model: Aqua Kent Jade

Dimensions (mm): 180 (W) x 520 (D) x 445 (H)

Weight: 12.5KG

Colours: Black/Silver/White

Water type: Hot, Cold & Ambient

Effective Water Quantity: 1600 litres

Heating/Cooling Water Type: 3 sec/7 sec

Price: see here 

  • Filtering System:

  • Easy Control Button: Touch Sensor Type

Child Safety Lock - Especially during hot water usage

UV Sterilization Button - Disinfect water and sterilize from deadly bacteria, viruses, cysts and more.

Why should I choose Tankless Water Purifier?

We could say that because of this current era of modernization and high demand from customers, most technologies including water purifiers are being innovated to be more modern and convenient to use. So, why tankless water purifiers? What benefits can be obtained when using tankless water purifiers compared to tank types? 

Reason 1: Saving the space

If you’re a water dispenser/water purifier expert, you probably know that a tank water purifier is usually bigger which can take up the kitchen countertop space. Although both Aqua Kent’s tank and a tankless water purifier are built with a compact design, however with a tankless water purifier, you can save more space for other appliances on the countertop and it’s lighter to carry, wash and service.

Aqua Kent Jade Instant Water Purifier with dimensions of 180mm (W) x 520mm (D) x 445mm (H) is quite compact compared to other brands. It sure fits your home, office, cafe or any other place while still able to provide pure hot, cold and ambient water.

Tankless water purifier next to the tank water purifier on a countertop

Reason 2: Saving electricity

The bigger the water tank, the more electricity needed to be used during cooling down water or heating hot water due to its large compressor. This can cause higher electric bills. Most tankless water purifier/dispenser is electric-saving friendly as it uses a compact inverter compressor that cools down the piping (SUS4 stainless steel pipes) and chills the water when flows through and is instantly heated only once so there’s no reboiling water before dispensing the water.

Aqua Kent’s Jade Instant Water Purifier used this LG compressor cooling which is durable, strong, high performance and low noise.

Reason 3: Saving the risk of bacteria or algae growth

Bacteria and algae tend to breed especially in a place that is exposed to water and moisture. In a water purifier, the water tank and water tab are easily exposed to bacteria growth. Bacteria and algae tend to grow if there’s no scheduled maintenance. That’s why using stainless steel material for water storage and pipes is crucial to reduce the risk of growing bacteria or algae. Removing the water tank is probably the best option!

Final Words

All in all, I hope this article explains why the tankless water purifier is the best choice when choosing a water purifier, peculiarly the Aqua Kent’s Tankless Instant Water Purifier.

✔ A reasonable price for a modern & high-tech feature product

✔ Instant hot, cold or ambient water with just one-touch

✔ 3-Stage Advanced UF Membrane Filtration to make clean water taste, remove causing particles and reduce water contaminants.


About Aqua Kent Malaysia

Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is one of the leading and trustworthy water filters and purifiers in Malaysia. Trusted by Malaysian customers, we use a revolutionary purification system known as KENT’s Mineral RO™ Technology to produce purified water. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience with the best after-sales service, along with high-quality products ranging from outdoor filters, water purifiers, water dispensers, air purifiers, and vegetable and fruit purifiers.

We believe everyone should get clean water. With Aqua Kent RO, it’s a healthier way to drink clean water without any compromises.

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