After spending the entire Saturday morning running around shopping for groceries, or after an intense workout session, a glass of water is what you need to make you feel fresh and energised again. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day is important as it revitalizes your body and keeps your muscle cells active. Unfortunately, not everyone drinks enough water, either because of negligence or no access to pure, dirt-free water. This is a concern shared by many people across the country. And it can be easily solved by installing a Kent water purifier in your house.

Kent doesn’t believe in just saying that it provides safe drinking water, it actually delivers healthy water for your family. This NSF , WQA-certified brand uses double purification methods to retain the natural minerals in the water and remove harmful chemicals. It uses an advanced technology in the purification process which is far better than traditional filtration techniques. If you are still debating on whether to buy a Kent water purifier online or not, then let us take you through the benefits and importance of owning one.

Kent Purification Processes

The filtration processes used in most Kent water purifiers involve RO, UV and UF. These technologies come together to remove all kinds of impurities from water, such as sand, dirt, undissolved impurities, chemicals, pesticides and bacteria. Kent RO purifiers specialize in maintaining the pH balance of the water. They usually come with a TDS control valve that retains calcium and other natural minerals in the water, making sure you’re not missing out on the good bits.

The purifiers also use a double purification process to treat the water, where it is exposed to UV radiation. This kills harmful microorganisms and viruses.

Features of Kent Water Purifiers

Purification Capacity - Kent water purifiers are mostly capable of filtering up to 15 liters of water every hour. This feature comes handy during summer when your water consumption is high.

Purifies Water from any Source - Kent purifiers can remove impurities from water and treat it, regardless of what source it comes from. Water from the municipal corporation, borewell or tap water - it can clean them all and make them safe for drinking.

Filter Change Alarm - This feature alerts you whenever the filter in the purifier needs to be changed. Timely detection and replacement ensures that you continue drinking pure water.

Auto Shut-Off - In case you forget to turn the filter off, this feature will shut off the appliance automatically. Most of the models operate on a fully-automatic mode and are turned off once the storage tank is filled.

Kent water purifiers ensure that your family drinks safe and healthy water. So if you wish to avoid falling sick because of waterborne diseases, then install one of its popular water purifier models like Kent Gold Plus, Maxx, Pearl Mineral and Kent Grand , and use filtered water for cooking and drinking.