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Kent Ultra UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent Ultra UV + UF Water Purifier
Kent Ultra UV + UF Water Purifier
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  • Model: 980170
  • Weight: 4.80kg
  • Dimensions: 40.00cm x 31.00cm x 45.00cm


  • Fully Automatic Water Purifier with Double Purification Technology.
  • Designed with state of the art 4 stage advanced UV + UF filtration system.
  • Advanced UV System to kill harmful micro-organism and Bacteria.
  • Activated Carbon filter removes chlorine, smell and odour from water.
  • Sediment removes dirt , dust and sand particles.
  • UF Membrane filters out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts.
  • Type of Water Purifier: UV + UF System


KENT Ultra UV + UF Water Purifier

The new advanced fully automatic UV and UF water purifier provides double purification first by UV followed by hollow fibre UF membrane. This purifier is designed for wall-mounting, best suited for tap / municipal water supply and domestic purposes.


Double Purification Technology

Double Purification

KENT Ultra employs double purification that works first by UV, followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts. Therefore, it provides 100% pure drinking water, which is ideal for consumption.

Activated Carbon Pre-filter

Activated Carbon Pre-Filter

The water purifier has an activated carbon pre-filter in the purifier that reduces bad taste and odour, thereby providing purified water that is healthy, tasty and safe to drink.

Computer Controlled Operation

Computer Controlled Operation

KENT Ultra comes with computer controlled operations like the UV Fail Alarm that alerts you when the UV lamp becomes inefficient.


World's Top Quality Certifications & Awards

kent awards.png

This purifier is tested and certified for its performance and quality by world's renowned laboratories, such as the WQA (USA ) , NSF (USA) and ISI . These achievements guarantee that KENT not only gives the most purified water but is also trusted by millions.


USPEconomical UV water purifier
InstallationWall Mountable
Purification Capacity1 litre/minute or 60L/hr
Max. Duty Cycle120 litre/day
Filter CartridgesSediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane
UF Membrane0.1 Microns
UV Lamp Power11 Watt
Inlet Water Pressure0.3 kg / cm2 or 4.3psi / 10°C
Inlet Water Pressure3 kg / cm2 or 42.7psi / 35°C
Input Voltage220 ± 10V AC, 50Hz
Operating Voltage24V DC
Dimensions(mm)L 395 W 136 H 340
Weight4.5 kg

Customer Reviews from Kent

5 Star
Simply Awesome
Kent Ultra UV and UF water purifier is simply awesome in performance. The design is also perfect and the best part is, it needs less space for installation. 
Vivian Tan

5 Star
Best UV Water Purifier
I was looking for a UV based water purifier and started searching for the same in Malaysia. Looking at this my friends suggested me to buy Kent Ultra water purifier as he was also using the same model. I studied about the water purifier and then finding it suitable I planned to opt for the same model. I booked it and the product came on time
Rupert Peter

5 Star
Nice Product, Easy Installation
I have been using this model for the last 2 years and I didn’t found any issue with it.. The service from KENT is amazing. Best in design, the model is perfect.


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