5 facts you must know 

before buying a water cooler/drinking water fountain

You might encounter these types of water coolers or drinking water fountains in the park or other public areas with various designs and usually provides only normal or both hot and cold water. After all, according to this article, bottled water is quite expensive these days due to its material, design and printing, and packaging and since people will pay for it just to drink water. 

Thus, this can be considered a public good that gives free and easy access to drinking water. These also help people from drinking from a dirty water source that can lead to developing the possible dangerous diseases.

However, before you want to proceed to buy a water cooler or drinking water fountain, get to know these 5 facts so you can avoid buying the wrong one that gives no benefits to your expenses.

  1. Make sure the product is highly certificated.

You probably wondered; why you should buy a water cooler/drinking water fountain from a brand that is certificated?

✅Renowned world laboratories approved the quality of water produced by certain brands,

✅The quality of water is certified healthy, clean and safe to drink.

Without a doubt, some people are afraid to drink water, especially from public water dispensers because they are worried about the level of cleanliness of the water may pose a health risk. Therefore, if you find that some brands of water dispensers have been recognized and certified not only according to local but also international standards, then it shows that the brand is a good and reliable brand water dispensers.

Then. you no longer have to worry about the level of safety and cleanliness of drinking water.

For example, Aqua Kent, a healthcare company that produced healthcare products including water coolers/drinking water fountains is highly certified by renowned laboratories of the world (WQA, NSF, ROHS COMPLIANT, etc.) showing that their products not only adhere to local but also the international level of safe quality water. 

Want to know more? See here.

  1. Take note of the water tank capacity.

This plays a crucial factor when buying any water machine as we probably want it to be able to provide a lot of water access, especially in public areas (schools, factories, shopping centres, etc.) with a lot of people. When buying a water machine, especially a drinking water fountain, make sure to buy the one that can hold a lot of water in the tank.

For example, this Aqua Kent’s water cooler machine with a water tank capacity of 10 litres per hour for cold water and 20 litres per hour for hot water. This is more than enough amount of water for your areas, right?

With its dimension (cm) of 32 x 41 x 126 and net weight of 29kg, I’m sure this type of water cooler machine is suitable to be put in any public area.

  1. Look out for the special features.

Just like any other dispenser water or water filter, some water cooler/drinking water fountain also provided special features in its product to make sure it brings satisfaction to users when using them. 

For example, some water cooler brands specifically provided cold water in their product for their targeted customer who loved drinking cold water or are placed in hot weather areas (especially in Malaysia). 

There is also a drinking water fountain with two types of water provided (hot & cold water) so users can choose their preferred water. This type of drinking water fountain usually becomes the choice of users as they can get instant hot or cold water.

Other than that, if you want a long-lasting drinking water fountain, make sure to check out a product that is built with stainless steel body as it is said to be high resistance to corrosion or chemical contamination. So, there’s no risk of rust, crack or freezing as it is more durable compared to plastic storage tanks.

Aqua Kent is one of the companies that produced trusted water machine product that is built with a stainless steel body. For example, their fully stainless steel hot and cold economy water cooler is robust and reliable.

Aqua Kent water cooler also uses fast compressor cooling for cooling water and most importantly, it is durable, high performance, noise-free and long-lasting period usage. 

  1. Cheaper but high-quality water coolers exist

This might sound absurd, but if you surveyed thoroughly, you’ll find out this water cooler does exist. When compared to the water dispensers and water filters, the price of a water cooler is more economical as it is targeted at customers who would like to place it in public and heavy usage places such as schools, universities, shopping malls, and parks. 

Did you know? One of the well-known water cooler brands in Malaysia that sell water cooler products at an economical price is Aqua Kent. Most of their products are much cheaper in the range of RM1000 till RM3000 compared to other brands. This is also confirmed by the writer, kclau on his blog regarding Aqua Kent providing an advanced water cleaning product at a good price.

See here to find out about their shocking price!

  1. Check out the reviews!

As a future buyer, I would usually look at the product’s review before buying it just to find out about other customers’ experiences when using the product. This is to confirm that I am buying a product that brings satisfaction to customers.

Therefore, this also can be implied when you’re buying a water cooler/drinking water fountain. When looking at good reviews left by other customers, won’t you feel more assured to buy them?


Now you already know the 5 facts before buying a water cooler/drinking water fountain, you got to make sure that you buy a product that can benefit you as commensurate with the price you paid and of course, I would love to recommend you this FULLY STAINLESS STEEL HOT AND COLD ECONOMY WATER COOLER product from Aqua Kent because it has all the features as we discussed earlier!If you are based in the United States, you may refer to our guide on water filters and purifiers at WaterIIT as well.

✅ Certified by WQA (Gold), NSF, CE, ROHS Compliant, TUV SUD America Inc.

✅ A real bargain outright price compare to other brands.

✅ No future commitment is needed such as paying every month/rental.

✅Compact and built with stainless steel body, suitable for long-lasting usage in public and heavy usage places.

✅ Installation and service conducted by professional with warranty and filter replacement services.