Hot & Cold Water Dispensers Buying Guide for Malaysia

There are probably around 50+ healthcare brands in Malaysia selling various water dispensers with their speciality and feature, and if you’re someone who is looking for a hot and cold water dispenser for your own home, school, office or workplace, you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we will guide you on how to buy the best quality hot and cold water dispensers and see if this product suits your personal preference.

p/s: You can also use this guide when buying any type of water dispenser.

Buying Guide #1 

Highly Certificated

Did you know that having these certificates by a renowned world laboratory means that your product has been approved not only locally but also internationally and that adhere to the following standard? If you’re searching for a local water dispenser product, and the company-owned this certificate means you don’t have to worry about the quality! - The quality of the product has been approved by renowned laboratories around the world.

Some of the best-renowned laboratories in the world are NSF International, Water Quality Association (WQA), ROHS COMPLIANT, CE Certification, TUV SUD and more.

Buying Guide #2  

Water Filtration System

To make sure our drinking water is clean and healthy, a proper filtration system must be provided by the water dispensers so that the water can be filtrated from undesirable contaminants, bacteria and viruses. That’s why, as a consumer, you should be aware and make sure to choose a water dispenser with a water filtration system that would bring benefits to your health.

We would suggest choosing water dispensers with a 4-stage filtration system thus giving the users pure filtered water.

p/s: Some brands (e.g. Aqua Kent) also offered alkaline filters as an option for the final water filtration process if you want extra healthy and clean water. 

Buying Guide #3 

Size of the Water Dispensers

The size of the water dispensers is a subjective topic as it depends on the user's preference either to own a big tank water dispenser or just a small enough that fits their kitchen space. 

If you’re a manager looking for water dispensers to put in your office pantry, you can choose the floor stand water dispensers as it is much bigger and can hold enough amount of water for a lot of people.

If you’re a housewife wanting small water dispensers in your kitchen, maybe the countertop water dispensers are the one for you! Or you can just buy both if you have a large household in your home.

However, do aware that the bigger tank for your water dispenser the more amount of water can be stored and can be consumed by many people. So, choose wisely according to your space.

Buying Guide #4


Each of the water dispensers has different specialities or features that could attract customers to buy it. Some of them might have a voice sensor where the user simply gives the command and the water machine will execute the command. Some water dispensers have an application linked with the water dispensers so that users know when to service their water dispensers.

However, for a water dispenser, there are some features that you surely must look out for your benefit. These features can be considered a must-have feature for every water dispenser.

  1. Child Safety Lock - Just like how every technology (car, refrigerator, oven, etc.) provided a child safety lock to avoid possible accidents happen, we believe a water dispenser also should have a safety lock, especially when using a hot & cold water dispensers. Every parent must make sure their water dispensers have these features to avoid accidents with their child. 

  1. Direct pipe-in - This will allows trouble-free operation without needing manual intervention with its fully automatic operation. With this feature, users have it easy to get direct water that is connected to the water source inside their house. Thus, It is suitable for homes, offices, showrooms, institutions, hotels, etc.

  1. Fast heating system - With this feature, it will save you the hassle to wait for boiling water and you can get instant hot water to make your coffee or tea in the morning, plus, it saves your electric bills!

Buying Guide #5


Price has always been a major factor during the selection of a product. Some might think that buying an expensive product means it has a high-quality product. However, there are some products with reasonable prices that came with great quality to the customers. Overall, make sure to always check the offered package is comparable to the price paid. As long as it fits your original budget without incurring extra expenses for future commitments.

Buying Guide #6

After-sales Services

If you are going to come across a water dispenser seller either in a supermarket or a house to the house sale, don’t forget to ask about the after-sales service provided by the company. This is because some companies provide satisfactory after-sales service and also this can benefit you. Some of the important after-sales services such as:

  • Installation (Free or not?)

  • Installation (Whether it is within your area)

  • Warranty (For how long?)

  • Delivery (Free or not)

Buying Guide #7


If you’re that type of person who always reads reviews before buying a product (especially during online shopping), that is a very recommended step to do! People always read reviews first, even before they go buy them in stores, to get confirmation on whether it’s worth buying. So, before you buy something, do check out their website to see if other customers are satisfied with the products. Then, you can determine which product should you choose.

If you’re still contemplating which hot and cold water dispensers you should choose, let me recommend you…



Product Details

Model: K52

Weight: 18.00kg

Dimensions: 30.00cm x 39.50cm x 111.00cm

Product Type: Direct Pipe In

Cold Output: 2 L / H

Cooling Power: 85W

Cooling Method: Fast Compressor Cooling

Heating Power: 420W

Filter Cartridges: Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter, Silver Carbon and Post Carbon Filter.

Hot Tank Output: 5 L / H

Why them?

☑ Received the highest level of certifications by world-renowned laboratories for its products that help them serve as a benchmark for the water purification industry.

☑ A real deal at an economical price! (SEE HERE)

☑ Come with necessity Child Safety Lock.

☑ Providing High-Efficiency Compressor Cooling.

☑ Built with Stainless Steel Hot/Cold Water Tank.

☑ 4 Stages Advanced Filtration Process System.

☑ Extraordinary after-sales services (Contact here for more details)

About Aqua Kent Malaysia

Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is one of the leading and trustworthy water filters and purifiers in Malaysia. Trusted by Malaysian customers, we use a revolutionary purification system known as KENT’s Mineral RO™ Technology to produce purified water. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience with the best after-sales service, along with high-quality products ranging from outdoor filters, water purifiers, water dispensers, air purifiers, and vegetable and fruit purifiers.

We believe everyone should get clean water. With Aqua Kent RO, it’s a healthier way to drink clean water without any compromises.

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