8 Important Features To Look Out For

When Buying A Tankless Water Dispenser

In the latest article, we have debunked the top 3 tankless water dispenser options for you to compare and make a decision on what fits your criteria. Based on the listing, we could see how every product has a different specification, feature and outstanding display. However, you probably wondered what does differentiate this product and what important feature we need to look out for to buy the best tankless water dispenser

Let’s see the 8 important features you need to focus on before buying your tankless water dispenser without further ado.

  1. Water type

There are four types of water dispenser in the industry that provides water type such as:

  1. Hot + ambient water

  2. Hot + cold water

  3. Cold + ambient water

  4. Hot + ambient + cold water


We would like to suggest using the water dispenser with all water types (hot + cold + ambient water) because wouldn’t it be better to have all three? Imagine buying water dispensers with only two water types, which means, you will have to buy two water dispensers to get all three water types (example: hot + ambient water dispenser and cold + ambient water dispenser). 


This will not only require extra spending on water dispensers but also requires extra space for your kitchen! So, to solve this problem, how about choosing a water dispenser with all three water types for your convenience.

  1. Child lock safety

These days, all modern technologies require child lock safety to avoid any possible accidents happening to the children while using it. This feature can be found in cars, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, cabinet doors and more…

Therefore, the child lock safety is also needed in the water dispensers feature to avoid possible accidents happening around your children. So, when you’re looking for a water dispenser either with a tank or tankless, make sure to look out for one with the child lock feature to ensure the safety of your family when using the water dispensers.

  1. Cooling compressor

According to this article, the compressor is important in a cooling system to increase the pressure of a substance (usually a gas) by reducing the volume of the substance. The tankless water dispenser is the best electric-saving technology as it uses a compact compressor that cools down the piping automatically instead of large manual cooling down compressor the tank water dispensers. 

Many types of cooling compressors can be found in this industry, but we would like to recommend you to use water dispensers with a cooling compressor that is:

✔ strong

✔ durable

✔ low noise

✔ high performance

  1. Sterilization

Sterilization and disinfection are not necessary for water purifying but if you would like to use a water dispenser that sterilizes water and produce healthy and clean water from deadly bacteria and viruses, make sure to check out a water dispenser with the UV STERILISATION feature as some of the water dispenser will sterilize the water every hour to kill, inactivating or removing microorganisms from a quantity of water. 

Why use UV for sterilizing water?

✔ UV is part of the ultraviolet spectrum that can inactivate pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

✔ The microorganism's cellular function will be damaged and can’t grow when the UV light enters microorganisms.

  1. Direct-piping system

When using a tankless water dispenser, there will be no more water storage and users will have to use water dispensers with an inbuilt direct piped water filter that is suitable for those who prefer the convenience and don’t have to think about refilling their dispenser with water manually.

  1. Design & size

In the industry, we can see that there are many designs and sizes of water dispensers, either big, small, tall, or short; it’s all up to the customers to choose the preferred size of the products. 

For tankless water dispenser, most product that is commercialized are suitable for countertop in the kitchen as it was designed with the most minimalist yet stylish features for customers. Do not worry about the water storage as most tankless water dispenser is built with an inbuilt direct piping system for users' convenience. All in all, the ball is in your court!

  1. One-touch display

One of the modern features provided by the tankless water dispenser is its one-touch display board that surely brings convenience to the customers. It is very efficient to have a multi-functional control board that displayed all the buttons without the customers needing to refer to the manual book.

If you think this one-touch display board is not necessary, it’s okay! It’s all up to your preference. 

  1. Price

Price has always been a subjective issue for customers during the selection of products. Some people don't mind spending on expensive yet high-quality and durable products, while some are willing to pay for cheap products even if it’s required frequent services and maintenance.

If you’re surveying long enough, you will realize that most tankless water dispenser is quite costly compared to the normal, tank or bottled water dispenser. 

However, there is a tankless water dispenser that offers a real bargain price with high-quality and durable features.

We recommend you…


Why choose Aqua Kent Jade Tankless Instant Water Purifier Hot Cold Ambient Water?

✔ Certified by WQA, NSF, CE, ROHS Compliant, TUV SUD America Inc.

 ✔ High-quality purification method & filtration system.

✔ A real bargain outright price (SEE HERE) compare to other brands. 

✔ Compact, minimalism yet stylish which is suitable for the kitchen or any other place.

✔ No future commitment (e.g. paying every month/rental)

✔ Installation and service conducted by professional with warranty and filter replacement services.


See our detailed review of this product here.


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Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is one of the leading and trustworthy water filters and purifiers in Malaysia. Trusted by Malaysian customers, we use a revolutionary purification system known as KENT’s Mineral RO™ Technology to produce purified water. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience with the best after-sales service, along with high-quality products ranging from outdoor filters, water purifiers, water dispensers, air purifiers, and vegetable and fruit purifiers.


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