Perfect Water Dispenser

(Hot & Cold) for Offices in Malaysia

It has become a necessity nowadays to own a water dispenser either in-home or in heavy usage places such as hotels, schools, shopping malls, factories and offices, as it is easier to get free, clean and healthy water compared to getting from mere tap water or bottled water.

See here why owning a water filtering machine is a better option rather than drinking from bottled water:

Disclaimer! Before further reading, are you…

☑ someone from the office?

☑ tired of always using bottled water, or

☑ wanting to change the office’s old water dispenser?

☑ looking for a water dispenser with an automatic piping system without having to fill it manually?

☑ searching for a multi-functional water machine that is convenient for the staff?

If you are all above, then this article is definitely for your reading as we would like to recommend and explain why this perfect water dispenser (with hot and cold water) from Aqua Kent is suitable for your offices.




Dimensions:30.00cm x 39.50cm x 111.00cm


Mains Voltage: 100 - 300v AC / 50 Hz. 800MA

Purification Capacity: Up To 15L / H

Ro Membrane Type: USA Filmtec Thin Composite Ro Membrane - 2-Year Service Life

Cooling Power: 85W

Cooling Method: Fast Compressor Cooling

Heating Power: 420W

Filter Cartridges: Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, Post Carbon Filter, UF - Korea - 1 Year Service Life

Operating Voltage: 24 V DC For Purification System

Warranty: 1 Year


Why this is the best (hot&cold) water dispenser for the office?

  1. Inbuilt direct piped-in water filters with a direct piping system.

  • For a place like an office with a lot of people, I would say this type of water dispenser with inbuilt direct piped-in water filters is a life-changer as we don’t have to manually fill in both hot and cold water into the water dispenser.

  • With this direct pipe-in system, I believe it will save the time needed to fill in the water and become convenient for staff to get instant water.

  • As said by Aqua Kent itself, this water dispenser will save the hassle of replacing and storing expensive heavy 20 litres (5 gallons) water bottles which may be tampered with.

  1. Enough water for all people.

  • This floor-standing type water dispenser has a storage capacity of 5 litres for cold water and 2 litres for hot water.

  • Even if you feel that is not enough for a large amount of staff, do not worry as we mentioned before that this machine has a direct piped-in to a water source with an auto-refill.

  • This means whenever the water storage is empty, it will refill itself without the hassle to refill the 7-gallon water.

  1. Fast heating and cooling water system.

  • By using its fast cooling compressor and energy-efficient heating system, it is very convenient for the staff to get instant hot and cold water without needing to wait for the water to boil or cold by itself.

  1. A modern & high-technology water dispenser.

  • Notifies its user to change the water filters with its Time-based Filter Change Alarm.

  • Ensuring trouble-free operation with a fully automated operation (Auto-start & auto-off) that allows the purifier to begin purification whenever the water level falls below maximum, stop when the tank is filled or when there’s no inlet water supply.

  • Removing dissolved impurities (chemicals and salts) with the provision of Double Purification (RO + UV) and providing safe water consumption.

  • Ensuring disinfection against harmful microorganisms (virus and bacteria) by using its 11W UV lamp that runs on higher power instead of the standard 8W UV lamp.

  1. Long-lasting water dispenser.

  • As a user, you probably want a dispenser that is durable for long periods of usage in your office so you won’t need to change the water dispenser every time it’s dysfunctional or broken.

  • With Aqua Kent Stainless Steel and Corrosion-Free water dispenser, users can obtain filtered and purified water which is free from bacteria and viruses.

  • This water dispenser also lasts longer as it has push-fit components for leak-proof performance that prevent water leakages and assures saving of water and probably your bill.

  1. Other attractive features.

See the reviews for the product here.

With an economical price corresponding to the level of functionality of this water dispenser, I believe this hot and cold water dispenser is very useful and beneficial to place in your office.

With the use of this high-tech and multi-functional water dispenser machine, it is hoped that it will satisfy the users in drinking clean and healthy water.