Aqua Kent Water Dispenser for Schools and Universities.

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The best investment by the higher education institution is the purchase of a water dispenser machine. This is because water act as one of the important resources for humans to stay hydrated and maintain health, especially for students who urgently need water to relieve fatigue while studying and focus more on either studying or exercising.

It is possible that schools and universities have difficulty choosing the best water dispenser among water dispenser brands in Malaysia. Institutions of higher education should be looking for water dispensers that are not only high quality and reasonably priced, but also come with features that are durable and versatile for their users.

Let's look at the top 5 recommended reasons why Aqua Kent's Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Water Cooler meets the best choice features for schools and universities.

Aqua Kent Fully Stainless Steel Hot And Cold Economy Water Cooler

which is placed in the school.

  1. Highest Recognition

One of the factors of difficulty in the selection of water dispensers is the doubt about the authenticity of the water and the filtration process carried out by the water filter company. This is because this is related to health and smart consumers always want beneficial products for them. You don't have to worry because Aqua Kent products have the highest level of certification in the water filtration and purification industry. One of them is the WQA Gold Seal certification which is the highest WQA recognition for water filters that meet the set standards. Through this certification, Aqua Kent products simultaneously guarantee customers the safety of product usage.

Other top certifications have also been awarded to Aqua Kent in recognition of quality and consumer safe water filters such as NSF certification, RoHS, CE (European Conformity) certification and TUV SUD certification.

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  1. Attractive Product Features

This Aqua Kent water dispenser product is also known for its versatile features for easy usage. The product has hot and cold water options that allow users to adjust their water temperature settings and get water for free without the use of coins. It will be easy for anyone who wants to drink water or cook Maggi, especially for students without waiting for the water to boil. This water dispenser has a high capacity that can store up to 10 litres of cold water and 20 litres of hot water. There is also a glass tap head for cold water provided for someone either to drink directly from the tap head or fill the water in a water bottle.

  1. Ultimate Filtration System

Aqua Kent provides filter cartridges that are polypropylene sediment filters and activated carbon filters. It is to remove all large entrained particles including mud, sand, and rust and prevent any large particles from entering the purification process. The activated carbon filter treats activated carbon and traps chemical contamination such as foul odours and hydrocarbons.

Aqua Kent also uses a patented double purification process such as RO filtration that removes harmful substances in the water and dissolves impurities such as chlorine and fluoride. UF filtration will remove bacteria and cysts that can cause severe disease. Aqua Kent also uses a TDS Controller that works to maintain natural mineral excavations in the water. The UV filtration process is also carried out in the last stage as protection and filters the water for the last time to ensure that the pure and filtered water is virus-free.

6 stages of Aqua Kent water filtration

Through this process, Aqua Kent is able to retain the best ingredients in the drink and filter out other impurities. Indeed, quality guaranteed water can benefit students in schools and universities.

  1. Durable Properties

Everyone must have wanted something that could be used for a long time. Only with frequent servicing, the product can last a long time. Similarly, this Aqua Kent water dispenser, created from stainless steel, is corrosion-free and guarantees a prolonged useful life.

One reason water dispensers are easily damaged is when water pressure problems occur. The water dispenser supplies water by opening the water inlet valve into the machine. If this valve stops, it may be because the water pressure is too low, too high or already damaged. Fortunately, this Aqua Kent water dispenser has a pressure reducing valve to regulate the flow of water to a certain pressure. With this feature, this machine can last for a long period of time with periodic maintenance.

  1. Affordable Price

This factor is one of the main reasons customers choose Aqua Kent products as their ultimate choice over other products. With an affordability price of RM1680.00, this product is the best investment for schools and universities for students to get quality drinking water at a worthwhile price.

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We recommend the Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Water Cooler water dispenser in case you are looking for a product that is appropriate for the school and university area with reasonable price, durable product properties, and high quality. We are sure you will be satisfied with the high level of usability of this product.


Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is a leading and reliable water filter and water purifier company by customers in Malaysia due to a revolutionary full purification system known as Kent's Mineral ROTechnology (Kent's Mineral ROTechnology) to produce pure water.

Aqua Kent is dedicated to serving customers by providing them with the best after-sales service and high-quality product manufacturing ranging from outdoor water filters, water purifiers, and water dispensers to air filters, fruit and vegetable filters and more.

We believe everyone should be able to drink clean water. Together with Aqua Kent RO, you can drink clean water in a healthier way without any compromise.

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Written by: Nur Izzati Mohd Saleh